"This story came about with the birth of my daughter. She had been given these stuffed animals by her grandparents. She just seemed to connect with them. Her dad and brother used to make up voices for them to play with her. She is 14 years old and she still has them. I hope you enjoy 'The Adventures of ChiChi Ba & Mr. Bunny' series." 


Saletha Oliver was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. She's married to her loving and supportive husband of 16 years, they have two beautiful children a son and a daughter. The inspiration for this book came from their daughter's love for stuffed animals.


Saletha has always had a big imagination, and a passion for reading and writing stories. At a very young age, she fell in love with writing during an assignment from her 7th grade language teacher. The assignment required students to recite (fill-in-the-blank) poetry by the famous poet, and playwright Langston Hughes. The rest was history for her young mind; from that moment on she continued down the literary path with various styles of writing. Saletha Oliver dreams of sharing her stories with readers around the world.